High-throughput measurement of coefficient of thermal expansion using a high-resolution digital single-lens reflex camera and digital image correlation


High-throughput measurement of thermal deformation and determination of coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) using a high-resolution digital single lens reflex (DSLR) camera and digital image correlation (DIC) is described. To mitigate the mosaic effect caused by the Bayer filter of DSLR cameras, a color image pre-processing method, which adjusts the brightness and equalizes the color channels of the raw image, is carried out. In addition, a Gaussian pre-filtering step is adopted for denoising the images captured with DSLR cameras to enhance the subpixel registration accuracy. Then, by processing the recorded images using the state-of-the-art DIC algorithm, full-field displacements and strains can be determined. Compared with conventional industrial cameras, a DSLR camera offers not only portability, compactness, and economy but also much higher resolution of recorded images, allowing CTE characterization with higher throughput. Real experiments, including a verification experiment of the color image pre-processing technique, a benchmark CTE determination of Al alloy, and a high-throughput CTE determination of 15 samples of three different metals, validated the feasibility and accuracy of the proposed technique. The proposed method is cost-effective and time-saving, showing great potential in the high-throughput CTE measurement and other high-throughput strain measurement scenarios.

Review of Scientific Instruments